• Montserrat Caldés i Torrent (Architect)
  • Eloi Corbera i Codina (Tecnical Architect)
  • Ricardo Gómez Val (Phd. Architect)
  • Marc Piqué i Gascón (Architect)
  • Jaume Serra i Malla (Architect)
  • Mireia Barnadas i Ribas (Secretary AADIPA)
  • Marta Urbiola i Domènech (Finance responsible AADIPA)
  • Pilar Manero i Escriche (Organization Coordinator)
  • Albert Plà i Gisbert (Architect Heritage Professor, Course Director)


Francisco Asarta Ferraz  

Francisco Javier Asarta is Architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona (1966), where he taught between 1966 and 1991. He is a founding member of the Defence Committee of Architectural Catalan Heritage, of the Government of Catalonia. He is specialized in the restoration of architecture and he has worked in the Manresa Cathedral, the Monastery of St. Benet de Bages or the Collegiate of St. Vincenç de Cardona. In 1997 he was awarded, along with Robert Brufau and Rachel Hill, with the National Heritage Award by the Government of Catalonia for the restoration of the Casa Milà.

Rosa Junyent Comas  

Rosa Junyent Comas is Professor Emeritus in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Department of Transport and Territory), School of Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports in Barcelona. She is PhD for the Université PARIS XII and in Sociology for the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Master by the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris. Université PARIS VIII.

She has been teaching for 28 years in the School of Engineering in Barcelona. She has been invited to give lectures at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées de Paris (25 years) and the Politecnico di Milano, University of Cardiff, Aix-Marsella, INSA de Lyon, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publiques de l’Etat en Lyon, Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro. She has published more than hundred books and papers in national and international scientific magazines.

Albert Pla i Gisbert  

Albert Pla i Gisbertis Architect by ETSA Barcelona and Diploma in Forensic Architecture from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He has taught as a professor in the Department of Architectural Technology at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and is currently Professor of Architectural Restoration and Heritage in ELISAVA, School of Design and Engineering, affiliated to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He has been Director of the XXIII and XXIV Course in Architectural Heritage Intervention by AADIPA. He has participated in several conferences and seminars  of Architectural Restoration and Heritage. He is member of ICOMOS and the Organization of Experts and Forensic of Catalonia.

Joaquim M. Puigvert i Solà  

Joaquim M. Puigvert i  Solà is PhD in Contemporary History by the Universitat de Barcelona (1990). Nowadays he is Professor in Contemporary History, Director of the Càtedra Martí Casals of Health and Medicine in Rural Ambience and Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations, Society and Culture in the Universitat de Girona. He is a specialist in social and cultural history whose research has focused partly on the relationship between the Church and society in the modern and contemporary period and partly on an analysis of the liberal professions in the contemporary world, with special emphasis on the study of the social origins and careers of professionals working in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science and architecture.

Salvador Moeno Peralta  

Salvador Moreno Peraltais Architect and Town Plannner graduated in ETSA Madrid (1972). Author of the town planning of Malaga (National Town Planning Prize of Spain in 1985), Velez-Malaga and Mijas. He won the Europa Nostra prize in 1999 for the fortified premises in Melilla. He has developed several projects, like the special town planning of Fuengirola harbour, the Industrial Engineering School, Torremolinos Town Hall, the extension of the Technological park of Andalusia, the Andalusian center for leisure industry professional training (CIO Mijas), and the touristic researching building “Andalucia Lab”. He owns the “Ateneo” gold medal and has been the Social Council President at Universidad de Málaga. He also coordinated the International Cooperation between Andalusian Government and Argentina. He has also given lectures in Malaga School of Architecture, and has written several books and press articles.

Félix Solaguren-Beascoa  

Félix Solaguren-Beascoa is a PhD University Professor of the Department of Architectural Design at the ETSAB / UPC since 2004, has dedicated research, among others, to the architectural work of Francesc Mitjans Miró (MICINN, Madrid 2009), and the study of the work of Arne Jacobsen, granted by the Fundación Caja de Arquitectos and CIRIT, and that is reflected, among others, in Absent Architectures: restaurant in Hannover (MOPU, Madrid, Barcelona, 2004), public buildings Arne Jacobsen (GG, Denmark-Barcelona , 1996), Arne Jacobsen's design (Santa & Cole, Denmark, Barcelona, 1992). He is coauthor of the book, Plantas Bajas (Barcelona, 2012), Modular Buildings (Barcelona, 2011), Nine long-span buildings and author of the books, DK. We return to Denmark (Barcelona, 2010), and several on the work of Arne Jacobsen: Arne Jacobsen (China National Publications, 2005), Arne Jacobsen. Restaurant in Hannover. 1964 (Madrid, 2004), Arne Jacobsen (3 vol., Copenhagen, 2002 / Barcelona, 2001). He is currently preparing the title: The work of Francesc Mitjans, architect. He has lectured and published articles in Italy, Holland, Denmark, China, Germany, Portugal, Australia and Spain, and since 1986 he collaborates professionally with Maria Angels Negre, architect.

Ricardo Gómez Val  

Ricardo Gómez Val is a PhD Architect. Research professor in the Department of Construccions Arquitectòniques II of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. International PhD by the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Degree of legal and forensic architecture by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Partner of the firm of architects Ricardo Gómez Cano, Associated Architects where he has been developing his professional work since 2003. He has participated in several conferences with communications (EESAP 02, VIII Conference CSCAE-CGPJ) and he has published articles related to his PhD thesis in research journals. He has done research in Sweden and Romania. AADIPA member since 2002.

Antoni Navarro i Cossío  

Antoni Navarro i Cossío is Architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Author of several restoration projects of historical buildings. Director of the X Course in Architectural Heritage Intervention by AADIPA. Professor of several international Msc in Restoration techniques. Representative for Spain in the Secretary for the Protection of Art Nouveau-Modernism by UNESCO since 1991. President of AADIPA (Agrupació d'Arquitectes per a la Defensa i la Intervenció en el Patrimoni Arquitectònic) of the School of Architects of Catalonia since March 2010.


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